Personal Property Auctions:

Many items fall under the category of personal property. It includes items old and new, big and small. You name it and it has probably been sold at an auction. We have sold many items at auction from fragile antiques to wood working machinery. We understand many times these sales are the result of a major life change and we bring sensitivity with us every step of the way.

Real Property Auctions:

We can help sell your home quickly with no headaches.

    • Our experts can help you determine the value of your real estate at auction.
    • Selling at auction means a fast turnaround - no endless showings and bickering.
    • Sell as is where you contingencies

Selling a property through a real estate auction helps determine the true value of your property and brings serious buyers to your listing.

The 3 main types of Real Estate Property auctions are Minimum Bid, Published Reserve and Absolute Auctions.

A Minimum bid auction is the lowest bid, decided by the seller prior to the auction, that the auctioneer can accept for the property. Once the bid has been reached, the property will sell to the highest bidder.

A Published Reserve is the lowest amount the seller must sell the property at auction, however, the bidding can start where ever the auctioneer chooses. If the reserve is not met, the seller can accept, reject or counter the highest bid.

An Absolute auction is where the highest bidder acquires the property, regardless of the amount. There is no reserve price below where it will not be sold. Absolute Auctions tend to attract the highest interest, because the property WILL sell, no matter the price.

The seller's obligation to honor a Minimum Bid or Published Reserve applies only to the auction. Before or after the auction the seller is under no such obligation.

Benefit & Charity Auctions:

Benefit and Charity Auctions are held to benefit a cause or charity. Such as a family with medical bills, animals shelters, a toy drive around the holidays or local homeless shelter, etc.

Some items may be restricted from sale at auction, such as taxidermy, ivory, firearms, alcohol, etc.